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Alright folks, it's time for the first round of the comic spotlight, featuring two winners and the rules for the second round (same as the first round)!

PHANTOMS Webcomics-ROCK Spotlight by MrCobalt67

-When did you start this comic?
A: Well the comic started in November of 2005, but was put in public for everyone to see in 2012.
-What were your inspirations?
A: The PHANTOMS is a compilation of early Cartoon Network, Marvel and DC before 2008, and my childhood friends. So just my childhood in general.
-What are you proudest of as an artist or writer?
A: What I enjoy as an artist and writer is improving and adapting as time goes on. PHANTOMS Anniversary is a prime example.
-How did the comic change from your original idea?
Originally, there were four main characters. Two skeletons, a Frankenstein-esk monster, and a witch. And they had cartoony misadventures. Now, there's a big roster of superpowered extraterrestrials having misadventures. The four main characters are still there, they're just a tad different.
-Any advice to other webcomic artists or people who want to start a webcomic?
make sure you have a planned out idea of what the series will be and make sure it's something you can stick with. There are too many people who can't stick with one idea for a long time. If you're serious about producing a comic, it has to be something that'll not only produce a lot of content but also helps with your creative thinking and improvisation.
That and make sure you're writing and art is consistent and of good quality.
-What direction do you want to take your webcomic in the future?
What I plan to do with this comic... I doesn't matter if the comic becomes popular or not, I just plan on making about 500 to 1000 PHANTOMS stories. I'm close to 100 as it is, I think I'm at issue 89. I'm getting there. I'll leave behind an achievement very few have pulled off alone.
-Any webcomics you believe readers who enjoy your work might also like?
The only webcomics I've ever read was Cyanide and Happiness and random Dorkly comics. Those two have the same brand of humor, but they're both better written than my stuff. But that's just me. Otherwise, I recommend going to YouTube and check out ‘The Webcomic Relief‘. He reviews webcomics and is on season for of his series.
-Anything else you want to say?
For more content from me, I also have a Tumblr.
So a big thanks to everyone who supports the PHANTOMS and to everyone who just stopped by to have a look at the comic.

Willie and Jake
Willie and Jake! by HaileyMorrisonBooks

-When did you start this comic?
I started this comic a few years ago, but really started making pages last year April.
-What were your inspirations?
Some of my favorite western shows, The Virginian, and Little House on The Prairie (the books for this show as well), as well as actors (John Wayne, etc.) really inspired Willie and Jake. But really, Willie and Jake started as a horrible mistake when I tried to draw a horse (that's a long story though XD).
-What are you proudest of as an artist or writer?
I'm proudest of how I'm able to brighten somebody's day with my comic. I always like to spread smiles, and seeing people enjoy reading my comic as much as I enjoy writing it keeps me going! :happybounce:
-How did the comic change from your original idea?
Originally, Willie and Jake was supposed to be just Willie and Jake running through the west and finding criminals... The more the characters developed, the more the plot changed. :)
-Any advice to other webcomic artists or people who want to start a webcomic?
If you're thinking of starting a webcomic, just start it. As long as you have a cast and plot, just start! Even if you think your art isn't the best, trust me, it'lll improve!
-What direction do you want to take your webcomic in the future?
I want for the webcomic to eventually get to expand out of where it's currently taking place to go to more places, and for my main characters' backgrounds to be revealed. I can see this story turning dramatic, but I'll somehow keep it to a comedy level! ;D
-Any webcomics you believe readers who enjoy your work might also like?
I highly reccommend Blue Chair (it has my same sense of humor) and Owl Turd (same artist as Blue Chair), Space Boy (for its plot and art!), and Up and Ahead by Skailla
-Anything else you want to say?
Thank you for giving webcomic artists the chance to be seen!…

Submit promotional material for your comic!
-Post it as a comment to this journal.
-Expressly made for this contest (should at least mention the group somewhere)- we will not accept pre-existing webcomic strips or pages
-Can be a page, single drawing or a text blurb (max 1000 characters for text, we will ignore everything longer)
-It is okay to post your entry again next round if you did not win

We will be selecting two entries be featured, prominently, in our next monthly journal. You will be notified in advance and can supply additional information or answer a short interview if you are selected!

Order of priority for Spotlight submissions:
1) Comic page, animation or sequential art entries
2) Single-frame or other visual entries
3) Text entries (limit 1000 characters) and new submissions from past winners

Meaning that comic pages will be taken first, then if there are no more comics under consideration, we will take other drawings, and if there are no drawings, then text entries and new entries from people who have already won. We will be judging based on the quality of your entry, not the quality of the webcomic itself.

The next Comic Spotlight will take place on March 1st. Your submission deadline is therefore February 27th, three days before the end of the month, as we need time to judge and send interview questions.
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