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Okay, that's a wrap. If you have any last minute ones, please send me a note and I will add it for this week only.

EDIT: Deadline extended. Two weeks per question, due to popular request.

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My webcomic is Dogstar. My favorite thing about it is it's Saturday Morning Cartoon tone and the potential of the storyline that I have planned ahead. The first chapter is coming to a close, so check it out!

My Webcomic is called "Weaponry".
It is a pirate action adventure (BL) set in an original fantasy world setting.
My favourite thing about the comic is that it is interactive - at the end of every chapter, the readers get to vote on what happens. I write three different potential directions the plot could go, and depending on which one wins the vote, the character to narrate the following chapter is chosen, and certain events become part of canon story while others fall by the wayside.
Now that we're halfway through chapter 4, I'm so grateful for my thoughtful readers and how much they have kept me inspired and curious about these characters and their world.

My webcomic was originally called Twisted Mind of Stranger, but I changed the name to Winter of Discontent since I thought it fit the content better. My favorite thing about it is that it allows me to do just whatever I want, since there isnt really any set characters or setting, aside from the author avatar and his sidekick.

My webcomic is entitled Flower Garden 2/3.
It primarily follows five girls: Misu Rami, Leila Otomo, Nami Korukawa, Kira Kara, and Shell Demij, first focusing on their daily lives, then changing genres a bit as the girls become the targets of a pair of supernatural assassins, Emma Evangel and Damien Stone, who can see a human's remaining lifespan in the form of a timer hovering above their head, as well as a man known only as the Tinker, who turns his victims into dolls.
Meanwhile, a group of mysterious armored beings are attempting to capture the Tinker, but are willing to consider the girls collateral damages.
The comic actually started because I wanted to do a fanservicy yuri comic, but by this point in my scripting I've ended up planning a huge complex plot involving supernatural "angelic" entities, the nature of souls and free will, and tentacle monsters with lots of eyeballs (I'm a Lovecraft fan at heart), and I've definitely got at least 10/15 years worth of material planned so far.
I'm still in the early part of the story, just introducing the characters and setting the stage for things down the road, but I'm optimistic. And seeing the art differences just between page 10 and page 20 show how much I've improved so far.

My webcomic is called The Premise, and goes about a pair of policemen that encounter a criminal gang which intends to punish the wicked through cannibalism. My favorite thing about my webcomic is that I'm doing exactly what I'd like to see. I often feel disapointed with a lot of stories, because of stereotipical characters, because of repetitive plots, etc. The argument may not sound new at first, but it focuses on the ethical dilemmas between the characters, and how they will evolve because of that. I think character development is one of the most important things in a story, and I think my webcomic is going in that direction.

What would happen if your comic's main protagonist and main antagonist switched roles? If you can't reveal either one yet, or there are none you would consider main, any protagonist and antagonist role reversal would work.

Remember to post the question itself and to put our name, WebComics-Rock, in the submission somewhere.

The deadline for this is March 30th April 6th</b>. One week only, and that's the pace from here on in! Two weeks, again. If you can't make a full one-page comic for this reply, a quick sketch or single panel is better than a text answer and a text answer is better than nothing.

Also note that in a few months we will give everyone a week to catch up and submit to previously-asked questions.
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Hi! Welcome to Webcomics-ROCK!

This is a community for aspiring comic artists and comic readers to share our love for sequential art, comic strips and more!

Of note is the part about getting your own folder- make sure you meet the requirements.

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Pardon me, but how do I get my own folder for my webcomic
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You basically give us the name and we make it but we're in the middle of folder clean up so requests are closed until the cleanup is done on the 22nd
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Currently we are doing a cull of inactive folders, so you won't be able to get one until the 22nd. As long as you have at least 15 comic pages (though that is a tentative number) you should be able to get a folder. Otherwise you will have to submit to the general folder.
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Hey, not speaking officially as an admin or anything, but could you please refrain from posting promotions for your comic, etc, in the comments? We'll most likely be setting up an "advertisements" general folder you can place announcements in. Currently, occupying the comments makes it a little harder to reach members with complaints or concerns.
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Hey there - a question: I have four comics that I make: the Cats 9 Lives, Hello Donna, Drifters and Misadventures of the Scavenger. Can a person asked for more than one, or is it only one per artist?
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